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EXECUTIVE::Components Covered

The Mechanical and Electrical Components specifically listed below are covered by the policy.

  • Rocker assembly including hydraulic followers, inlet and exhaust valves,(Excluding burnt valves),springs and guides, Cylinder head (Excluding cracks & de-coking), cylinder head gasket, push rods, camshaft and followers, timing gears, belts and chains, oil pump, pistons and rings, cylinder bores, con rods, gudgeon pins and bearings, crankshaft and bearings, flywheel, ring gear, and engine wiring harness.
  • Turbocharger (factory fitted)
  • Fuel system (Diesel and Petrol)
    Carburetor, automatic choke, lift pump, mechanical or electrical fuel pumps including fuel injection pump and tank sender unit.
  • Engine Cooling
    Radiator, oil cooler, viscous fan coupling, water pump, thermostat housing, and thermostatically controlled radiator fan

  • Manual Gearbox
    Failure of the following internal mechanical parts: Gears, synchromesh hubs, selectors, shafts, bearings, bushes and transfer gears.
  • Automatic Gearbox
    Failure of the following internal mechanical parts: Shafts, gears, clutches, brake bands, valve block, governor, oil pump, bearings and bushes, servo, drive plate, transfer gears and computer governor.
  • Torque Convertor
    Failure of any internal mechanical parts.
  • Continuously Variable Transmission CTX
    Failure of internal mechanical parts including clutches, planetary gears, reduction gears, shafts, variable pulleys, thrust link drive, bushes and bearings.

  • Front wheel drive
    Drive shafts including constant velocity joints, universal joints and couplings, (Excluding gaiters).
  • Rear wheel drive
    Half shafts, rear wheel external drive shafts including constant velocity joints,universal joints and couplings, (Excluding gaiters).
  • Four wheel drive
    Cover as described above for front and Rear Wheel Drive.
  • Prop shaft
    Failure of the propshaft including universal joints and couplings.
  • Wheel bearings
    Failure of front and rear bearings.
  • Differential
    Crown wheel and pinion, gears, shafts, bearings and bushes, thrust washers and spacers.

  • Front and rear suspension
    Coil springs, upper and lower wishbones, ball and swivel joints, upper control arms, and hydro bearing for lower control arms .

  • Steering(including PAS)
    Rack and pinion, steering box where applicable, power steering reservoir and idler box.(Excluding gaiters) .

  • Brakes
    Brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, restrictor valve, and caliper seals, servo and vacuum pump.
  • Anti locking bracking system
    Electronic Control Unit.

Air Conditioning
  • Engine Cooling system
    Air conditioning compressor.

Electrical system
  • Starter motor and solenoid including pre-engagement mechanism and bendix drive.
  • Alternator unit.
  • Windows and sun roof motors.
  • Centralized locking, heater fan motor, indicator flasher relay, distributor.
  • Front and rear windshield wiper and washer motors.
  • Electronic ignition amplifier coil, ASR control unit, ignition system control unit, ASR actuator, closing aid pump, window lifter.
  • Electrical management
    Engine Electrical control unit .

  • Damage caused to casings and mechanical and electrical parts as a direct result of the Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown of a covered component is included.

Working materials
  • Working materials and supplies such as oils, filters and anti freeze are covered where their replacement is essential as a direct result of the Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown of a covered component.

Specific Exclusions
  • Body, (including rust and perforation), paint, Exhaust system, lambda sensors and catalytic convertors, glass, interior/exterior trim, in car entertainment/ communication system and associated equipment. This is not a complete list.
  • Any covered component which failed due to normal wear and tear or which has not failed but reported requiring replacement during routine maintenance or periodic service and/or repair.
  • Any covered component subject to recall ar repair or replacement or modification by a manufacturer.

  • No contract is implied by the information provided on this website.
  • This website is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information and is subject to change without notice.
  • If the terms and conditions of the policy are complied with, the items specifically listed will be covered (Subject to exclusions) against mechanical or electrical breakdown of the vehicle described on the Proposal Form/Policy Schedule.
  • Each claim is up to the maximum stated in the Proposal Form/Policy Schedule.
  • No limit to the number of claims.